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    Good Buyer Information


    My goals are to match your needs and wants to homes that are available.
    • I wonít ever ask you to buy a home that you donít like. 
    • I can show homes listed by any other company because we are members of the Multiple Listing Service. 
    • I will respect the price limits you set and not encourage you to "get in over your head.Ē 
    • I will give you whatever time you need to find the right home Ė  never rush you in your selection process. Once you find the right home, however, I will encourage you to act quickly. The home you saw today that you want to think about until tomorrow may have been seen by someone yesterday who wants to buy it today! 
    Buyers get the best service by working with ONE Realtor, loyalty provides assurance that youíll get top priority. I believe that buyers want competence and friendship. Iwill provide both!  I may not know all the answers, but Iíll make every effort to get them and get them from reliable sources. I promise to do everything in my power to make your next move the best you have ever experienced and provide you with unparalleled service.

    Buying Process

    When you are ready to make an offer to purchase a property, I will prepare all the necessary paperwork and you give me an earnest deposit check, which will be applied towards the closing costs. The earnest deposit shows the seller your intent to proceed with the purchase.
    The seller may accept your offer, make a counter offer amending one or more points of your offer (such as price) or completely reject your offer (this is rare).
    Then you may accept the counter offer, make a new counter offer or reject the sellerís counter offer.
    When an agreement has been reached between you and the seller on the purchase, your earnest deposit check is deposited into an escrow account at the title company, a non-interest bearing account and it will stay there until closing. At which time it will be applied towards the closing costs.
    Next, you will do a property inspection to make sure everything is in working order. We recommend hiring a professional company to do this. The cost is usually $275-400, depending on the size of the home you are purchasing.
    Once the inspection is completed to your satisfaction, we move on to the appraisal, and then Closing!
    You will sign at a Title Company, and it usually takes 24 hours to fund.  Once it funds, you get the keys!
    Two great Title Companies are Pioneer Title (Krysti St John) and Title One (Christine Langhorst).  They will help us through closing and funding process.
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