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    Good Seller Information


    This is what we will do for you, when you give us a call to sell your property:
    • Visit the property and prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to determine the fair market value of your property based on factual statistical sales data on properties similar to yours.
    • Together, we choose a list price based on the CMA data, a price that is in keeping with your needs and what the market will bear. You sign a listing agreement, a legal document authorizing us to market your property.
    • Install a lock box on your door to make scheduled visits easier and more convenient for prospective buyers. (Not all sellers will choose to have a lock box on their home, however you will get more showings with one.)
    • Post your listing on numerous internet sites for expanded exposure to future buyers. For example, www.ASCENTBoise.com, www.Postlets.com, or www.realtor.com.
    • Enter your home into the Multiple Listing Service computer database for Realtors and their clients.
    • Review your property, making recommendations for your changes to be made as indicated by current markets trends.
    • Provide you with feedback from other agent’s responses to showing your property, to help solve buyer’s objections by overcoming the problem.  

    Market Preparation

    First impressions are everything.
    • The lawn should be well manicured and free of clutter. If necessary, repaint your front door and or pot some flowers. They add a nice touch and give buyers a more at home feeling.
    • Interior – give special attention to the living room, bathrooms and the kitchen. The cleaner your house looks, the more inviting it will feel to buyers.
    • The bathroom should be squeaky clean. Clean and repair damaged or unsightly caulking in the bathtubs and showers. Put out your best towels, shower curtains and mats.
    • Enlarge your home, bigger is better. Remove bulky or unnecessary furniture and eliminate clutter. Rent a storage building temporarily if necessary.
    • Sometimes a fresh layer of paint in your kitchen or bath will add charm and value to your property. Prospective buyers would rather see how great your house looks rather than try to picture it with "a little work”.
    • Fix any leaky faucets or rattling pipes. They are unnerving and suggest poor maintenance, neither of which you want to convey to a prospective buyer.
    • Replace any burned out light bulbs, brighter is better. Make your home smell nice.
    • To eliminate any built-up odors, set out a cup of vinegar or activated charcoal and leave it for a few days. The odor will be absorbed, not covered up. Setting out potpourris is another way to bring a cozy atmosphere to your home. Organize and clean closets, basement and garage.
    • Getting rid of needless items will make these spaces look bigger and cleaner.
    Remember the decision to buy is 80% emotional. Buyers buy emotionally and then justify the purchase logically.


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